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30-Day Head to Toe Couples Massage

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Before You Get Started

Before you get started please watch the following videos so that you are prepared for your safety.

1. How To Use This Course​

This module covers the precautions, Dos and Don'ts and basic rules of communication to have a maximum benefit of Couples Massage.

2. 30-Day Challenge

Here’s a 30-day challenge if you dare to accept it!

3. Contraindications

The materials covered in this course is for informational purposes only. They are not designed to diagnose or replace treatments for any medical.

They are for a healthy person. You should not practice them if the receiver has medical conditions including but not limited to:

Infectious disease
Heart disease
Recent stroke
Thrombosis (blood clot)

Please check with your medical doctor first if massage is contraindicated for your specific medical conditions.

4. How To Get The Pressure You Want

First let's talk about pressure. Pressure is relative to everyone. My light pressure might be too hard for someone and my hard pressure might be too light for someone else. If you want to communicate the exact pressure you want, I recommend using a pain scale of one to ten. With one being no pain at all and ten being excruciating pain. For relaxation massage you want to stay around seven which is a pleasure pain threshold where it hurts good. If he goes to eight then you will be cussing under your breath and tightening your body and it's counterproductive for relaxation massage.

5. How To Be A Good Massage Giver and Receiver

In Couples Massage there are a giver and receiver. You may think the giver is the one giving massage so he or she is the only one responsible for making an experience great. But that's not the case. The receiver has to participate and contribute to the experience as well. I'm going to share some tips on how to be a good massage giver and good massage receiver because it takes two to make the experience great.

Let's first talk about how to be a good massage receiver. Communicate clearly with your partner. Tell your partner if you want lighter or a deeper pressure using pain scale of one to ten if necessary, faster or slower stroke and specific location using right left up or down. Or right there! Your feedback helps your partner and give you what you want. Remember to be nice as you give your directions because they are doing your favor. Using the magic word “please” always helps. And if your partner is hurting you in any way tell them so immediately.

Always acknowledge your partner if something feels good. Say “Aww that feels so good” if something feels good. This will motivate your partner. When I massage my client I ask them how they're doing. And if they say “Oh it's great” or “It's a wonderful” it motivates me to do more of a good work. If they just say “It's OK” it's kind of a downer. It's always nice to be acknowledged for my effort. So you don't have to lie about it if something doesn't feel good. But if something does feel good then use a litter exaggeration to acknowledge your partner. And don't forget the say “Thank you” after the massage.

Now let’s talk about how to be a good massage giver. When you touch your partner think of at least one think you love or appreciate about the person you're touching. Touch is a very powerful communication tool and your thoughts and feelings can transfer through touch. So when you massage your partner always have positive good thoughts about your partner.

I believe massage is 50% techniques and 50% way of being, meaning how much you want to contribute in the way that benefits the other person. The most important thing to remember is to give what your partner wants. Instead of what you think your partner wants or needs or should have. Clear your mind create a safe space for the partner to speak up and listen to what he or she wants. For example if your partner wants a neck massage, give a neck massage and not a foot massage. Now a foot massage, in addition to a neck massage is GREAT. You’re going above and beyond so you should get a brownie point for that.

If your partner wants light pressure give light pressure even if you think you can kill the big knot by digging in your elbow. Don't be hateful of knots because they're there for reason. Usually from a stress or a bad posture of from stress. So treat knots with compassion. When you find tight spots think of bringing in better circulation and healing energy instead of attacking and killing them. The body knows how to heal itself. So with your massage your caring touch you are kick starting the healing process of your partner's body and mind. if something is hurting giving massage, stop your action immediately. It's just not worth hurting yourself to try to give good massage to your partner.

Oh and never tickle your partner on this your partner likes to be tickled. The whole idea of Couples Massage is to create a relaxing environment and once you tickle your partner even as a joke, they will be on their guard and will not enjoy your massage. So this is how you communicate and be a good massage giver and good massage receiver.

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Week 1 - Head, Face, Neck, Shoulders

This module covers Week 1: Head, Face, Neck and Shoulders.

When I teach, I customize the massage menu for each couple. Neck and Shoulders are the #1 popular request since that's where people carry lots of stress!

After completing this module, you will know how to give a relaxing head massage, face massage, alleviate your partner's neck and shoulders without hurting your fingers. 

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Week 2 - Chest, Tummy and Back

This module covers chest, tummy and back in a lying position.

Upper back between the shoulder blades and the lower back are the second popular areas to learn how to massage because people carry lots of stress there too. 

You can practice these on the bed or on the floor with something comfortable to lie on except the lower back massage. Lower back is not supported by the ribs and you could press too much on a soft bed. Lower back massage should be done on the hard surface for your safety.

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Week 4 - Hands and Feet

This module covers hand massage and foot massage. 

A recent survey showed more people loved foot massage than expected. Feet carry your body weight expecially if you have a standing job. Or your feel may feel squeezed from the high-heels or pointy shoes. This is a wonderful way to let them relax.

Hand massage is also wonderful for any electronic device users who are busy texting and swiping which must be pretty much everyone!

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Day 30 - Sample Menu

Here are the Bonus Materials.

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Bonus Materials

Here are some Bonus Materials to enhance your Couples Massage experience ♡

Bath and Beauty Recipe

500 Bath and Beauty Recipes

Ambience Guide

The Ambience Guide for the Ultimate Couples Massage

Aromatherapy Guide

Aromatherapy Guide for Beginners

Audio Guide

Audio Guide for Couples Massage

Couples Massage Coupon

Here's a Couples Massage Coupon

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